PhD - Gin

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The typical resinous,
Juniper aroma blends perfectly with cocoa's warm and enveloping notes, which give a
great softness on the palate, and make it perfect even for a tasting in purity. 


PhD is a Gin that incorporates the dark notes of cocoa beans to the traditional recipe of one of the most glamorous distillates in the world. PhD was born from the idea of a Salerno Medical School researcher, whose purpose was to rework and enclose in a few drops the reverberations of Arab science, that had the great merit of passing on the distillation skills to European medieval culture. An art widespread then from the Salerno Medical School that, starting from the Xth Century, gathered these knowledge and definitions in a disciplined way. The non-filtration makes PhD a complex tasting and and amber colored gin. The botanicals give it a pleasant ,intense resinous aroma, obtained from mixing the classic juniper to the argentine flavor of coriander. The angelica root binds and exalts the balsamic, citric and floral notes of cardamom and aromatic calamus. The taste sensations remain well defined even when the delicate note of cocoa ,that produces a complex and pleasing aromatic bouquet, arrives, making PhD an absolutely new, refined and unique gin in the large compound gin family. Its essentially elastic character makes it a stimulating distillate for mixing but also interesting in meditation.


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