Did you receive a bottle of wine as a gift, you are dying for tasting it but you have no desire to cook. It is an important bottle, carefully chosen by your sommelier, don't waste it with simple tarallini...

If it is a dry and fresh white wine, with discreet sapidity and softness, try the gastronomic biscuits with fennel and anchovy paste.

The Capers and Oregano shortbread find an ideal combination with dry, soft, aromatic and persistent wines or even a red wine as long as you balance the flavor of the capers and the aroma of oregano with the softness of the wine you choose.

Finally, the Sunflower seed biscuits hold up the personality of the great reds such as a Rosso di Montalcino or a Dolcetto d'Alba.

Choose sweet cookies for dessert. The cookies, strictly with butter, with Madagascar vanilla and muscovado sugar, with milk chocolate and hazelnuts or white chocolate and almonds. Like the originals.

Finally, the chocolate and salt biscuits: they cannot be presented, you just have to taste them. Dark chocolate and fleur de sel, combined with pg84, an intense Gin cream with criollo cocoa or PhD the only Italian Gin produced with infused criollo cocoa beans and elected Italian Gin of the Year 2021 at the New York International Spirits Competition.

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