pg84 - cocoa Gin Liqueur

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  Cocoa Gin Cream. Buy now the Gin Liqueur with cocoa, in the new bottle with a unique and elegant design! A vertigo of the senses to be enjoyed with our sweet biscuits.


                                                 From the union of fine criollo cocoa and PhD gin, our award-winning gin with infused cocoa beans, pg84 is born, the first gin cream in the world.

pg is the abbreviation for Picogram84 is the number of genes that the Criollo cocoa plant must express to synthesize the molecules (lipids, terpenes and flavonoids) that make it the splendid source of wonders we enjoy.

You can enjoy it straight or with ice, mixed or as a topping.

pg84 is a liquid dessert to be enjoyed.

Drink responsibly, enjoy irresponsibly!

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