What kind of affinity can there be between modern science and flavors of the past, between test tubes, pipettes and Madagascar vanilla? The association is not impossible if we learn about Stefano and Rossella, two researchers who, when not wearing the lab coat, love to eat and look for simple foods, made of a few essential ingredients. A careful research which, unfortunately, does not always statisfy their tastebuds. Therefore, between an experiment and another, Stefano and Rossella wondered: "why should we keep looking for excellence when we could achieve simple and extraordinary things with our own hands?". The answer to this question is "Picogrammo":a very, very small unit of measurement, which is not used every day, that creates a bridge between science and pastries. Two worlds apart , connected by precision. As might be expected by scientists,  they started selecting and projecting recipes. They have tried them one by one and have done a painstaking job to make them unique. The experimentation began with the production of sweet and savory biscuits.

The first mandatory step was a tribute to French patisserie with the Chocolat et fleur de sel cookie.

Soon after they achievd an almost impossible task: they made the American cookie. with its real American flavor, nowadays inflated, copied, reproduced in all kinds of flavor combos but almost never reflecting the disarming simplicity and goodness of the original.

Although a good glass of fresh milk remains an unsurpassable pairing for this type of cookie, for the over 18, they projected a gin cream to pair to the cookies. Not a common cream gin, a tastier one: a chocolate cream gin. Not made with just any chocolate,but Domori chocolate. A vertigo  of the senses associated with Picogrammo experience of sweet biscuits. And this is how 1528, the first chocolate cream gin ever thought, was born. And for the most refined palats, the top of the game, cocoa bean infused, cold compound gin : PhD. Stefano and Rossella, wine and craft beer connoisseurs (and would it be otherwise possible in Italy?), then started the second branch of their production: aperitif biscuits,Picogrammo’s spearheads .Made with anchovy paste and fennel to be paired with white wine, or with capers and oregano, perfect with a craft beer , with sunflower seeds and Parmesan cheese for red wine lovers.Tradition and innovation, in a perfect balance between classical flavors and refined ingredients, make Picogrammo an experience you should taste.